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Branding, websites and digital experiences, crafted with brilliance, love, precision and style.

Piter Bowman

Creative Director



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Meet our brilliant team

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What's the latest?


We redefine advertising by traveling back in time. At Perspectiva-K we build in days what others take years. We work side by side with entrepreneurs, private companies and public entities, with innovation as our flag, we will optimize their communication processes and provide creative solutions to accelerate their success.

We know it's not the best idea in the world,

is sold on its own, so we are ready to

give it the strength and strategy it deserves.


Accelerate your progress with a new perspective

Your vision is our challenge, we transform your dreams into tangible projects, backed by our experience, creativity and innovation.


We develop and create futures in the digital world.

We build experiences and bring the boldest visions to life. From digital strategies to technological solutions, our commitment is to transform ideas into impactful realities. In every project, we immerse ourselves in the potential of the digital world to lead the vanguard of evolution, because the future is overrated.

A matter of perspective

The future is now

Reality transforms with each passing second, and the future is built with dedication and effort. Challenge the limits of today’s reality and transcend digital boundaries.

Extraordinary people

Juan Felipe Kandia

Nicolas Candia

Daniel Posso

Myriam Candia

Diego Borrais

Tonny Agger Kandia

Natalia Jurado

Samuel Solano

David Sanchez

Pedro Daza

María Paula Huertas

Johan Urquijo

Luisa Villamil

Laura Cepeda

Andres Espitia

Paula Moreno

Juan David Giraldo

Why is it necessary to hire an advertising agency?
In today's challenging business world, visibility is key to success. In this sense, having an advertising agency can…

Digital product development

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